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      • Green Africa Foundation is an African organization founded in 2000 to support ecological and environmental conservation, which we East Africa Trading have been indirectly supporting. The Foundation is carrying out “Green Bicycle Project”—the project of donating Japanese bicycles for local students to commute to school—which was reported as special feature article in the local influential newspaper “The STANDARD” dated 24th July, 2010. (The center of the picture in the article is Shigeo Iwatani, Japanese ambassador to Kenya.) Kenyan students living in provincial area had to walk as long as 10 kilometers to and from school every day, and had to go through the inconvenience like leaving school earlier than the school closing time.

        However, Green Bicycle Project already provided 900 bicycles, which drastically shortened their school-commutation time. Additionally, those students who received the school bicycles are required to proactively join social activities as Environmental Ambassador for forestation, or for enlightenment in regard to environment of their residence. East Africa Trading continues to support this project, expecting that this can further improve commutation and eventually environmental conditions.

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